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Kelly Welcomes European Parliament’s Endorsement of Carbon Farming

Published: Wed, 22 November 2023

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Sean Kelly, MEP for Ireland South, has welcomed the European Parliament’s overwhelming support for the Carbon Removal Certification Framework, a important initiative advancing carbon farming. The endorsement, with over 448 in favour, 65 against, and 114 abstentions, marks a significant milestone in promoting sustainable agricultural practices.

As the lead negotiator in the Industry Committee, Kelly strongly supports the concept of carbon farming, emphasizing its holistic approach to agriculture. He states, “Carbon farming is a holistic approach that seeks to sequester carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store it in our soils. It aims to reward farmers for reducing emissions and increasing carbon sequestration.”

Kelly recognizes the challenges faced by farmers in Ireland and Europe in accessing carbon markets due to the absence of authorized tools for measuring, reporting, and verifying emission reductions on farms. He notes, “To overcome this obstacle, the European Commission has proposed the Carbon Removal Certification Framework.”

The proposed framework targets crucial sectors, including agriculture, forestry, and industry. Kelly emphasizes, “The planned certificates will serve as proof of high-quality carbon removal, offering a new income opportunity for various industries. We aim to incentivize businesses to capture and store carbon, contributing to a greener, more sustainable future.”

Expressing the economic potential of carbon farming, Kelly remarks, “Carbon farming presents an exciting economic opportunity for our agricultural sector. As the global demand for sustainable products grows, we have the chance to position Ireland as a leader in carbon-neutral farming practices.”

Highlighting the need for fair compensation, Kelly adds, “We need to ensure that farmers receive fair compensation for their contribution to carbon sequestration, and that the benefits are equitably distributed. Collaboration between the agricultural sector and other stakeholders, such as the forestry industry and environmental organizations, is crucial for developing comprehensive strategies and fostering innovation.”

In closing, Kelly emphasizes the multifaceted benefits of carbon farming, stating, “This not only mitigates climate change but also improves soil health, increases biodiversity, and strengthens the resilience of our farming communities.”



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