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Seán Kelly is a member of the European Parliament for Ireland South. As a member of Fine Gael, Seán is in the European People’s Party which is by far the largest and most influential group in the European Parliament. Among the most active MEPs of the Parliament, Seán has been honoured as 2012 MEP of the Year for Research and Innovation and 2014 MEP of the Year for Digital Agenda. Seán is a former President of the GAA and former Executive Chairman of the Irish Institute of Sport.

Episode 8| Sustainable Savings: Decarbonising Ireland’s Social Housing

Providing public and private housing on a scale that is affordable to purchase or rent, that is energy efficient, warm, healthy, and affordable to run will be extremely challenging for Ireland.

To see what are our best steps forward, this discussion revolves around the top three climate related issues for the housing sector is energy management, fuel poverty, and retrofit finance.

Episode 7| Powering up Europe: Unlocking Ireland’s offshore wind potential to help achieve EU climate targets

As we electrify our economy and switch to clean hydrogen, Europe will need to access the renewable energy resources across the Continent. The offshore wind potential of Ireland is vast, likely to outweigh the country’s demand over time, and can be of great European significance with coordinated infrastructure plans and the right market arrangements in place. 

Episode 6| Retrofitting Ireland: Building resilience into Irish homes

This event brings the policy series on the road, gathering a high-level panel and speakers to discuss the implications of current national and EU level policies and legislation. 

In addition, the event seeks to  highlight the available resources for people and to promote companies and technologies involved in energy related renovations

Episode 5| Carbon Certification: A Business Model for Carbon Farming?

Carbon farming holds considerable potential for effective carbon removal. As the EU has set an ambitious target in the land use, land use change and forestry (LULUCF) sector to remove a net amount of 310 million tonnes of carbon by 2030, the introduction and expansion of carbon farming is a necessity for the EU member states

Episode 4| Tapping into growing markets: Trade opportunities for Irish
business in South-East Asia

Post-Brexit, there remains a strong focus on opening up new markets for Irish exports and growth in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and green technology sectors in ASEAN countries provides considerable opportunities. The Irish government has set out its objective to reach €100 billion in bilateral trade with the Asia-Pacific region by 2025. Expanding ties with the ASEAN bloc will be key to achieving this.

Episode 3| Leave No Roof Behind: Ireland’s Solar Energy Potential

The energy crisis has highlighted the need to utilise available resources, from a buildings perspective, solar becomes an ever more attractive investment. The use of energy saving and generation technologies will be pivotal for buildings. These are cost effective solutions with a high yield on return of investment, allowing us to utilise much cleaner primary energy consumption.

Episode 2| Women & Girls of Afghanistan: How Europe can provide the opportunity the Taliban remove

This webinar sheds light on the situation in Afghanistan since the Taliban takeover in August 2021.The discussion focused on the situation of women and girls in Afghanistan, and particularly the lack of access to education for girls.

Episode 1| Green Hydrogen: Making Ireland’s Potential a Reality

The event focused on harnessing Ireland’s potential in the area of green hydrogen and how producing, storing and using green hydrogen can complement the role of electricity in a secure, resilient, zero carbon integrated energy system, and what policy support measures could be introduced to speed up the transition to a hydrogen economy. 

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