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Kelly: More work to be done in encouraging Citizen-Led Renovations projects

Published: Tue, 10 October 2023

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Sean Kelly, MEP for Ireland South, has called for “more work to be done to facilitate and encourage citizen-led renovation projects”. Speaking at the event “Citizen-Led Renovations: A Transition Close to Home” event, organized by, Kelly stated, “Citizens, when informed and motivated, can make informed choices about renovating their homes to be more energy-efficient.”

Kelly continued by saying that citizens “are the ones who occupy our buildings, and they can directly influence energy consumption. When homeowners and tenants take the initiative to retrofit their properties, we not only reduce emissions but also improve comfort and reduce energy bills. On the face of it, this is a win-win scenario, but achieving this simplistic result can only be done by tackling complex administrative, logistical, financial, and resources barriers.”

Kelly emphasized the importance of awareness, education, and financial incentives for citizen-led renovations. “Governments and local authorities must provide financial incentives, such as grants and tax breaks, to make renovations financially viable. However, public money will only go so far, we need to see attractive financial products from banks and other institutions in the financial sector specifically targeted towards renovations. The more we empower individuals and communities, the faster we can decarbonize our building stock.”

He also highlighted the significance of a neighbourhood approach when devising EU and national level plans to decarbonise the building stock, saying, “A neighborhood approach is essential in our pursuit of energy efficiency. By considering entire neighborhoods and taking into account local mobility, social infrastructures, and water and wastewater management, we can enhance the effectiveness of renovations.”

In addition, Kelly expressed his strong support for One-stop-shops, describing them as “innovative hubs” that simplify the renovation process and serve as a bridge between citizens and the broader effort to decarbonize our building stock. “One-stop shops offer comprehensive support, from initial assessments to project planning, financing, and implementation. They eliminate barriers, reduce bureaucracy, and instill confidence in citizens contemplating renovations. By centralizing services and expertise, we make it easier for homeowners to embark on energy-efficient transformations. They can also be the first port of call when projects are being considered by a collection of citizens. One-stop-shops will play a vital role”

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