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Kelly: EU must send funds to Ukraine Whether Orbán likes it or not

Published: Thu, 18 January 2024

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In a resolute stance, Sean Kelly, MEP for Ireland South, has called for swift action and substantial aid for Ukraine to support the country facing Russian aggression, ahead of a crucial extraordinary meeting of EU leaders on February 1st.

“2024 is poised to be a year of global democratic significance, yet the reality is that a European nation, Ukraine, is grappling with the aggression of a power-hungry totalitarian. This is an affront to democracy and demands our immediate attention and action,” Kelly said.

Expressing concern over the uncertainty of the vital €50 billion special funding for Ukraine, which Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is said to be blocking, Kelly said: “The hurdles in securing this fund are not just bureaucratic; they are potentially life-threatening for the people of Ukraine. The escalating public deficit and the ongoing Russian attacks necessitate urgent financial support, which we must provide without delay”.

Kelly denounces Orbán’s veto as an impediment to solidarity among European nations: “Orbán’s selfish veto is a stain on Europe. We cannot allow the will of 26 Member States to be obstructed for his personal interests. However, I am hopeful that acceptable way can be found to alleviate this impasse”.

“Our aid should extend beyond finances; it must be strategic. We need to equip Ukraine with the tools necessary to defend itself and secure a better future for its citizens. This is not just about monetary assistance; it is about standing in solidarity with a nation under duress,” Kelly insists.

“Whether Viktor Orbán, Putin’s pompous puppet, likes it or not, we must ensure that our democratic principles prevail. The fate of Ukraine is a litmus test for the strength and resilience of European solidarity,” MEP Kelly said in a speech to the European Parliament this week.


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