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Greek Government Must Be “Realistic” to Achieve New Deal

Published: Wed, 08 July 2015

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Speaking in the European Parliament in Strasbourg yesterday, Seán Kelly MEP said the Greek government would have to present “a realistic package” including reforms to the Eurogroup in order to secure any hopes of a new bailout deal with its creditors.

“Greece must put a realistic package on the table. The EU leaders would then go further to help Greece, if it was clear that the Greek government was committed to making real and realistic progress,” Mr Kelly said.

“There is a growing weariness in the EU with the Greek government, not with the Greek people. The situation in Greece deteriorated rapidly under the current government. It seems clear that Syriza is not committed to the European project and a united Europe. Being in government comes with responsibility. Unless the Greek government is prepared to make reforms, how can it ever make any progress towards stability and growth?”

“Creditors can’t keep handing out money over fist. Money does not fall from the sky. The EU cannot grant concessions without reform commitments.

“There are poor people in every EU country. Irish people lost jobs and businesses in the economic crisis and we are rebuilding because we committed to the bailout process and the results are clear. Ireland’s economy grew by 4.8% in 2014 and unemployment is below 10%. In Greece, unemployment is at 25% and last week the IMF assumed a growth rate of 0% for Greece in 2015.”

Mr Kelly added that a new deal could be achieved at the last hour if the Greek government now shows real willingness to seek help from the EU-IMF creditors in the form of a new loan and commits to the terms of any such deal.

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