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“Fast and furious fallout from Brexit” Seán Kelly MEP addresses the European Parliament

Published: Tue, 05 July 2016

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“The fallout from Brexit is fast and furious”, Seán Kelly MEP, Leader of the Fine Gael delegation in the European Parliament told MEPs in a speech to Parliament last night (Monday).

Sterling is down to a 30 year low, the triple A rating is gone, Scotland is talking about leaving; and in Ireland we have our problems because the United Kingdom is our closest ally and our biggest trading partner”, said Kelly.

“The European Union spent millions helping to create peace in Northern Ireland, if the hard border is introduced, there is a danger that we would play into the hands of extremism and all of that could work could be undone again. For this, we can thank three people in particular: Dithering David, Bluffing Boris, and Ferocious Farage.

“They couldn’t stop putting the boot into Europe, but now their legacy is that they have put a ‘dis’ into United Kingdom – disunited geographically, generationally, and politically; and for that they should get a special award, and the award I would give them is “The Wrecking Ball Award” – I couldn’t think of three people who deserve it more!” MEP Kelly added.

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