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Kelly says Ireland needs strong voices Working for You in Europe

Published: Sun, 16 February 2014

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Fine Gael MEP for Ireland South Sean Kelly has said the people of Ireland must have as strong sense of commmunity, ands send their strongest voices to work for them in Europe – to ensure that our recovery continuesw and reaches full bloom. He was speaking after being nominated along with Senator Deirdre Clune to contest the European Parliament elections on the 23rd of May.

“Ireland, and Europe have had a difficult number of years – but we are getting through our difficulties together. It reminds me of the old Irish value of Meitheal – the values of hard work for a common goal, community, solidarity and good neighbourlinessss. These are values that  Ireland needs now more than ever. We must be connected to all of our communities – our town or village, our county, our country, and Europe as a whole, in order to progress and flourish.

“I’m a card carrying member of Fine Gael, the GAA and the IFA, three solid pillars of Irish life that have withstood the buffeting winds of the economic crisis. I am also proud to have served the people of Ireland South in the European Parliament since 2009. We are an integral part of Europe – and Europe is an integral part of us. In the more than 40 years that Ireland has been part of the European Union, we have seen this society transformed. Even after all that we’ve been through, we are in a far better place than we were before joining. We need Europe – and Europe needs us.

“By having strong voices in Europe, we have ensured the kind of presence that means  Irish agriculture is going from strength to strength – and Europe understands the kind of agricultural policies we need. In the towns and cities, we are seeing the beginnings of an ecoinomic recovery. The focus on innovation in Europe is mirrored in Ireland – with the growth of our SME sector,and the development of new ways of doing business.

“With our technological growth comes the responsibility to protect our young people from new challenges like cyber-bullying. I’m glad to say that Ireland and the EU are working hand-in-hand to make sure that our young people are offered the best supports and protection on this.

“We need diverse voices, but strong voices that can bring Ireland’s message and concerns to Europe in a way that they can be clearly uinderstood. Fine Gael has a proud tradition of sending some of its best representatives to Europe. Along with my colleague Senator Deirdre Clune, I’m certain that Fine Gael has the best ticket to offer the people of Ireland South the right voices in Europe. “


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